Brid Mairead Ryan Noah Nichols Khadijah Mitchell Adriana Zingone Claire Meaney Elise D. Bowman


Background: Germline and somatic mutations in TP53 have been investigated and intensely catalogued. One of these germline mutations, TP53 P47S SNP is only found in populations with African ancestry. The S47 variant was associated with an impaired ability to induce cell death following cisplatin treatment, and with a high rate of spontaneous cancer formation in mice engineered to carry S47. Lung cancer incidence is higher among men of African descent. We therefore tested the hypothesis that P47S was associated with increased risk of lung cancer. Methods: We included 926 controls and 425 cases, all of whom were African Americans. We genotyped rs1800371 using a predesigned Taqman assay. Results: No serine/serine genotypes were detected in the population. The proline/serine genotype was detected in 42 individuals (32/891 controls (3.5%) and 10/434 cases (2.3%). The serine allele was not associated with risk of lung cancer (OR: 0.65, 95% C.I. 0.28-1.48). Conclusions: rs1800371 is not associated with risk of lung cancer among African Americans.