Mohammad Aslam Khan Girijesh Kumar Patel Sanjeev K Srivastava1 James E Carter Jennifer Y. Pierce Rodney P. Rocconi Seema Singh Ajay P Singh


Cancer health disparities (CHDs), defined as the adverse differences in cancer incidence and mortality, are prevalent in certain racial and ethnic groups. Underlying causes of CHDs are multi-factorial and debatable. While low socioeconomic status, geographical location, lifestyle and behavioral factors are mostly believed to contribute to CHDs, regardless of ethnic and racial background, significant data now also exist to support a genetic basis of such disparities as well. Clearly, CHDs could best be understood by studying the interplay of multiple (genetic and non-genetic) factors and then translating the resulting knowledge into effective approaches for reducing the existing disparity gaps. This review article highlights these aspects in brief and calls the people of different expertise to work together to make an impact and tackle the challenges associated with CHDs.