Arpita Sengupta SAdhu Sanchita Routh Nabendu Murmu


Liver cancer remains one of the most lethal malignancies worldwide and it has been found that the canonical Wnt signalling governed by its effector β-catenin playing an important role in development of this malignancy. In the liver, it has been unravelled as both an oncogenic pathway involved in a subset of liver cancers and a physiological signalling identified as the “zonation-keeper” of the quiescent liver lobule. β-catenin regulates both its upstream and downstream effector proteins viz. TCF-4 and COX-2 respectively. β-catenin binds to both the COX-2 RNA stabilising proteins CUGBP2 and HuR protein, where the latter two has antagonistic function. This duality has encouraged exploring the role of canonical Wnt in liver regeneration and liver-cell proliferation. We will review here the current knowledge concerning β-catenin and its downstream signalling as biomarker in liver cancer.