The Cancer Health Disparities (CHD) journal covers all aspects of disparities including social, cultural, behavioral, environmental, genetic, and epigenetic determinants contributing to differences in cancer incidence, prevalence, death, survivorship, and burden of cancer that exist among different populations around the world. The overall aim is to publish high-quality, high-impact, and innovative research articles in all areas related to cancer health disparities. 

CHD journal publishes case reports, multidisciplinary editorial, commentary, hypothesis, short and full-length reviews, full-length original clinical or basic science research articles, and short articles of immediate scientific or clinical significance. These include disparities at the metabolic, molecular, genetic, epigenetic, physiological, clinical, diagnostic, prevention, and therapeutic levels.







Online First

Characteristics of incident liver cancer cases in the District of Columbia metropolitan area

Nandita Krishnan, Lorien C. Abroms, Kim Robien, Daisy Le, Tony Yang, Farshad Aduli

Racial disparities in the genetic landscape of lung cancer

Shashi Anand, Kunwar Somesh Vikramdeo, Seema Singh, Ajay Pratap Singh, Santanu Dasgupta

Highlights from First International Conference on Cancer Health Disparities 2021

Murali Yallapu, Jorge Teniente, Andrew Tsin, Subhash Chauhan

Tumor microenvironment and its role in racial disparities observed in prostate cancer

Sandeep Goswami, Chandrani Sarkar, Seema Singh, Ajay Pratap Singh, Debanjan Chakroborty

Breast and Cervical cancer disparities in Alabama: current scenario, ongoing efforts to reduce the disparity gaps, and what more we could be doing

Kiley C Brady, Claudia P Stephens, Sarabjeet Kour Sudan, Ajay Pratap Singh, Santanu Dasgupta, Seema Singh

Cancer Health Disparities drivers with BERTopic modelling and Pycaret Evaluation

Mary Adewunmi, Saksham Kumar Sharma, Nistha Sharma, N Sudha Sushma, Bayangmbe Mounmo


Adaptation of a Community Health Advisor Intervention to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening Among African Americans in the Southern United States

Matthew Vargas, Olayemi Matthew, Deloria Jackson, Tifini Austin, Rima Tawk, Kristin Wallace, Clement Gwede, John S Luque

Race is Related with Increased COVID-19 Infection and Outcomes in Oncology Patients

John Nakayama , Gino Cioffi , Sharanya Iyer , Ravi Kumar Kyasaram , John Shanahan , Paolo Caimi , Kristin Waite , Thomas Sellers , Jill Barnholtz-Sloan

Intersection of COVID-19, Cancer, and Racial Health Disparities

Linda Behar-Horenstein, Keesha Powell-Roach, Staja Q. Booker, Michael U Maduka, Destiny Gordon, Kayanna Jacobs, Debra Lyon

Racial Disparities in Expression of GDF15 and NFκB in Prostate Cancer and Benign Prostatic Epithelium

Kenneth Iczkowski, Oleksandr Kravtsov, Sudha Sadasivan Sadasivan, Watchareepohn Palangmonthip, Yalei Chen, M Scott Lucia, James R Lambert, Kathleen C Torkko, Benjamin A Rybick

NACP: Partnership for Native American Cancer Prevention

Francine C. Gachupin, Jani C. Ingram, Kelly A. Laurila, Maria C. Lluria-Prevatt, Nicolette I. Teufel-Shone, Margaret M. Briehl

Hysterectomy-corrected Cervical Cancer Incidence Reveal Larger Racial Disparities in Texas 2012-2014

Isela De La Cerda, Miryoung Lee, Kathleen M. Schmeler, Joseph B. McCormick, Susan P Fisher-Hoch

Enhancing African American Participation in Biospecimens: A Case in Point for Pancreatic Cancer

Linda Behar-Horenstein, Rueben Warren, V. Wendy Setiawan, Corey Perkins, Thomas D. Schmittgen
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