Online First

Intersection of COVID-19, Cancer, and Racial Health Disparities

Linda Linda Behar-Horenstein, Keesha Powell-Roach, , Staja Q. Booker, Michael U Maduka, Destiny Gordon, Kayanna Jacobs, Debra Lyon

Adaptation of a Community Health Advisor Intervention to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening Among African Americans in the Southern United States

Matthew Vargas, Olayemi Matthew, Deloria Jackson, Tifini Austin, Rima Tawk, Kristin Wallace, Clement Gwede, John S Luque

Race is Related with Increased COVID-19 Infection and Outcomes in Oncology Patients

John Nakayama MD, Gino Cioffi MPH, Sharanya Iyer BS, Ravi Kumar Kyasaram MS, John Shanahan BA, Paolo Caimi MD, Kristin Waite PhD, Thomas Sellers PhD, Jill Barnholtz-Sloan PhD