Deepa Bedi Komal Vig Shilpa Waduwawara Rajeev S Samant Clayton Yates


The objective of this study was to validate prognostic gene markers for estrogen receptor negative basal-like breast cancer to improve diagnosis and therapy. Using two publically available GEO accession datasets GSE2034 and GSE12276 and bioinformatics cBioPortal and KM plotter, we identified genes associated with worse outcome in Estrogen negative, basal-like breast cancer. This approach contributed to the identification of LAMC1, LASP1, CPT1A and STMN2 genes as prognostic biomarkers and high expression of these genes was associated with a poor survival outcome in ER negative-, basal-like breast cancer. Our results strongly suggest that clinical examination of the expression of these genes in basal ER negative breast cancer will be very useful for the determination of prognosis and therapy.