Mitochondrial and Metabolic Medicine (M3) is the official journal of the Mitochondrial Medicine Society with the vision of becoming the leading peer-reviewed journal for clinicians and basic scientists interested in mitochondrial medicine. The mission of the M3 journal is to provide clinicians concerned with mitochondrial-related conditions with outstanding, timely peer-reviewed articles to enhance clinical competency by assisting in patient diagnosis, care and improving patient outcomes within the mitochondrial medicine field.

The M3 journal will cover all aspects of mitochondrial metabolism and interconnecting cellular metabolic pathways including the normal metabolic processes and the breakdowns in primary and secondary mitochondrial and metabolic diseases and the treatment of these diseases.  M3 publishes medical case report, editorial, commentary, hypothesis, short and full-length reviews, full-length clinical or translational science research articles and short articles of immediate scientific or clinical significance.

The areas of interest include but are not limited to day-to-day needs of practicing mitochondrial specialist, approaches to the patient with various symptoms; case-reports, clinical ethical issues; updates on diseases and disorders; diagnostic and therapeutic approach; mechanisms at the molecular, genetic, metabolic and physiological levels underlying the metabolic diseases, office-based and practice management issues and tips; as well as health policy discussions when appropriate. The overall aim is to publish high quality, high clinical impact, and innovative research articles in all areas related to mitochondrial and metabolic disorders including primary mitochondrial diseases as well as secondary mitochondrial dysfunctions such as cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders and others.