Bhupender Kumar


Gemcitabine (GCB) remains the first line of defense for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. In recent years multiple therapy cycles with GCB have shown a lot of resistance towards pancreatic cancer treatment. Thus different methods have been attempted to improve its potency. This study aims to improve the potency of GCB using dietary molecule Fisetin, a flavonoid molecule commonly found in fruits and vegetables. Pancreatic cancer cell line Mia PaCa-2 was treated with different doses of Fisetin and Gemcitabine individually and in combination. Cellular viability was estimated spectro-photometrically using MTT assay.  Combination treatment of Fisetin and Gemcitabine showed synergistic effect in inhibiting the growth of Mia PaCa-2 cancer cells. This is the first report where we show that dietary molecule Fisetin synergizes with Gemcitabine to inhibit Mia PaCa-2 proliferation.