Kimlin Ashing Mayra Serrano Marisela Garcia Katty Nerio Alejandro Fernandez Margaret Martinez Rita Singhal Andrette Ward Aneesah Robinson Karen Tinsley Camille Ragin Marcella Nunez-smith Rebecca Perkins Gerard Antoine


We aimed to identify practices and barriers affecting HPV vaccination (HPVV) within immigrant dense communities. Interviews were conducted with multisectoral stakeholders including safety-net clinic personnel, parents, and members of the HPVV community advisory council. The results underscored poignant issues relevant to immigrant communities at local and national levels: 1) Immigrant inclusive, public health and health system interventions to increase awareness of health facilities safe zone for immigrant children tied to HPVV campaigns. 2) Clear and strong provider HPVV recommendation approaches that are culturally and linguistically responsive. 3) Provider must be aware of his/her own biases and attend to the cultural beliefs and practices of parents for a more genuine and effective facilitation of vaccination. Providers, in particular, emphasized examining the provider cultural continuance relevant to HPVV clinical encounter and provider-patient relationship, as well as ongoing provider education and communication for increased HPVV among immigrant providers. At the national and local levels, we must ensure health facility safe-zone for immigrant children to obtain low/no cost healthcare including HPVV to attain the Healthy People 2020 goals of 85% HPVV.