Linda Behar-Horenstein Keesha Powell-Roach Staja Q. Booker Michael U Maduka Destiny Gordon Kayanna Jacobs Debra Lyon


In this article, the authors explore the intersection between the COVID-19 pandemic with cancer and the health disparities experienced by African Americans. Using extant literature and contemporaneous data, they point out how overlooking the intersections of this triad could lead to the exacerbation of existing disparities for cancer patients based on race and ethnicity. They suggest best practices to balance cancer treatment and survivorship with increasing the potential COVID-19 exposures for patients, families, and health care workers. Drawing upon their analysis, the authors offer a list of recommendations and strategies for system level responses that are designed to foster practice and policy for cancer care health care equity and relate to cancer care equity, infection prevention and control,  and cancer pain management, that may reduce disparities among African Americans.