Kiley C Brady Claudia P Stephens Sarabjeet Kour Sudan Ajay Pratap Singh Santanu Dasgupta Seema Singh


Over the years, we have made considerable progress in our understanding of the biology of various cancers leading to advancements in cancer management strategies. Consequently, we have witnessed steady improvement in survival rates of cancer patients post-diagnosis, although the progress has been slow for some cancer types. Moreover, the advances in cancer care have not equally benefited all the minority and ethnic populations residing in the United States. The state of Alabama has one of the most diverse demographics in the country and as a result, we witness significant health disparities among our populations. Breast and cervical cancers are two major cancer types that disparately affect the women in our state. Here, we discuss the extent of disparities in the diagnosis and death rates from these cancers in the state of Alabama and potential underlying causes affecting the health outcomes. We also discuss ongoing efforts undertaken to reduce the disparity gaps and provide a perspective for addressing these disparities more effectively.