Devendra Sharma Saloni Someshwar Bhumandeep Kour Nidhi Shukla Barkha Khilwani Maneesh Vijay Ayam Gupta Abdul Ansari Sugunakar Vuree Ashok Kumar Saurabh Singh Amrit Ravi Praveen Mathur Ashwani Mishra Gopalakrishna Ramaswamy Renuka Suravajhala Nripesh Sadasukhi Jayaraman Valadi KrishnaMohan Medicherla Geetha Kumar Bipin Nair Rupert Ecker Bhawana Bissa TC Sadasukhi Nandita Mishra Rune Mathiesen Keshav K Singh Nirmal Lohiya Jyotsna Batra Obul Reddy Bandapalli Prashanth Suravajhala


The CAncer Prostate Consortium of India (CAPCI) was established in September 2020 by a group of researchers and clinicians interested in identifying inherited and somatic risk factors that are related to theonset of prostate cancer (PCa). The consortium aims to improve the patient care and treatment in India byexploring and expanding the utility of genomic repositories associated with PCa. These aims are reached by advancing discovery in genome science particular to Indian phenotypes, translating scientific discoveries to improved standard of care. One of the impending goals of the consortium is to combine the data from the west and other sub-population ancestries, and identify common and exclusive risk profiles associated with PCa in Indian scenarios. These findings would additionally allow us to validate in experimental settings to explore the molecular mechanisms underlying pathogenesis of PCa besides understanding new personalized therapeutic regimens.