This special issue covers the contemporary research on cancer health disparities in Native Americans with an aim to highlight the underlying causes of disparities and the ways to remedy it at various levels.


Is Men’s Health a Priority for Tribal Health Directors? Results From a Survey Study

Katherine E. Nowakowski, Eric Bothwell, Mose Herne, Leo Nolan, Joel E. Pacyna, Wesley Petersen, Jon Tilburt

A Southwestern Tribal Perspective on Traditional and Commercial Tobacco

Priscilla R Sanderson, Erelda Gene, Rebecca Scranton, Angela A.A. Willeto, Lori Joshweseoma, Lisa J. Hardy

Health Disparities, Cancer among the Haudenosaunee, New York State

Rodney C. Haring, Melissa A Jim, Deborah Erwin, Judith Salmon Kaur, Whitney Ann E. Henry, Marissa L Haring, Dean S. Seneca

Indigenous Writing Retreats: Native American Community Members and Scholars in action!

Rodney C Haring, Iehnhotonkwas Bonnie Jane Maracle, Priscilla R. Sanderson, Whitney Ann E. Henry, Donna Grandbois, Pete Hill

Community Cancer Screening:Reducing Health Disparities among Native Americans in Rural, Tribal Communities

Pat Conway, Jennifer Boeckel, Colleen Buckley, Jodie Fetsch, Margaret Gates, Danielle Myers Wilson, Jesse Tran, Joyce Sayler