The goal of the Cancer Health Disparities (CHD), a journal of the Company of Scientists, is to cover all aspects of disparities including social, cultural, behavioural, environmental, genetic and epigenetic determinants contributing to differences in cancer incidence, prevalence, death, survivorship, and burden of cancer that exist among different population around the world. The overall aim is to publish high quality, high impact, and innovative research articles in all areas related to cancer health disparities. 

CHD journal publishes case reports, multidisciplinary editorial, commentary, hypothesis, short and full-length reviews, full length original clinical or basic science research articles and short articles of immediate scientific or clinical significance. These include disparities at the metabolic, molecular, genetic, epigenetic, physiological, clinical, diagnostic, prevention and therapeutic levels.


Invitation for special issue

We plan to publish special issues that focus on research topics of broad common interest. We invite scientists to guest edit and organize special issues in their expertise areas with the journal. Special issues are highly cited and draw maximal attentions in the field of research.

Proposals for special issues are welcome at any time and will be published immediately after the manuscripts are received by the journal. A special issue may cover topics in basic, clinical, translation and technological and other areas of research. Manuscripts in the special issues may include short or full length reviews, researcher articles, short communications and other types as decided by the guest editor(s).

We also invite conference organizers to publish the proceedings as special issue. They may organize a special issue based on the extended or full versions of papers that were presented in the conference, symposium or workshop.

A proposal should include:

  • Short CV with list of publications of the guest editors (and optional co-editor)
  • Special issue topic and the proposed title
  • The aim and scope of the proposed topic
  • Estimated number of articles under the title
  • List of potential contributors and titles of manuscripts.

Articles in the special issue may be invitation only or submitted in response to open invitation. The guest editor(s) is responsible for reviewing the special issue manuscripts, and submit the final versions to the editorial office for publication.

Please submit proposals to


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This special issue covers the contemporary research on cancer health disparities in Native Americans with an aim to highlight the underlying causes of disparities and the ways to remedy it at various levels.


Is Men’s Health a Priority for Tribal Health Directors? Results From a Survey Study

Katherine E. Nowakowski, Eric Bothwell, Mose Herne, Leo Nolan, Joel E. Pacyna, Wesley Petersen, Jon Tilburt

Health Disparities, Cancer among the Haudenosaunee, New York State

Rodney C. Haring, Melissa A Jim, Deborah Erwin, Judith Salmon Kaur, Whitney Ann E. Henry, Marissa L Haring, Dean S. Seneca

Indigenous Writing Retreats: Native American Community Members and Scholars in action!

Rodney C Haring, Iehnhotonkwas Bonnie Jane Maracle, Priscilla R. Sanderson, Whitney Ann E. Henry, Donna Grandbois, Pete Hill

Community Cancer Screening:Reducing Health Disparities among Native Americans in Rural, Tribal Communities

Pat Conway, Jennifer Boeckel, Colleen Buckley, Jodie Fetsch, Margaret Gates, Danielle Myers Wilson, Jesse Tran, Joyce Sayler
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